There’s no doubt Vietnam is an exciting country to discover, yet there is so much to learn for a small country lying at the edge of the Indochina Peninsular which has a history of more than 4000 years with so many exchanges with neighboring countries and overseas nations.

For your visit to Vietnam, the dos and don’ts are basically as below:


  • Get yourself prepared with some native language phrases like “Xin chao!” for “Hello!” or “Cam on” for “Thank you”. When it comes to greetings there are no differences to the way western people greet each other. And with the “Cam on”, saying in Vietnamese will help you show how much you respect them and how grateful you feel.
  • You should dress properly when entering sacred places such as temples, pagodas, churches or any spiritual places, or into a private home, as Vietnamese dress conservatively. It is best not to show off to much skin, or you will draw only stares from the locals. You should cover your breast, legs, and arms.
  • Your taxi meters indicate “Thousand Vietnam Dongs”, not US Dollars. For example, when it says 36, it means VND 36,000, not USD36.
  • Always take off your shoes at the front door before entering a house if you get an invitation to a local’s home.
  • Keep your cash, credit cards, airline tickets and other valuables in a safe place. Most 4-star hotels have in-room safes, otherwise, ask the reception to keep your valuable things in their deposit facility.
  • Shop until you drop! Vietnam is a fun shopping heaven in every way. You will regret later if you don’t do shopping here as this is the only investment that allows the buyers to benefit. True story!
  • Do some bargaining on the street. While supermarkets give a fixed price, shops on the roadside always mark up a room for bargaining. It is fun to make negotiation and you buy something cheaper than the first number. However, avoid bargaining in the early morning, or when you know you are their first customer of the day!
  • Make sure you always have some change in your pocket for shopping convenience.
  • Always in the mood of exploring! This country is beyond imagination. So take as many tours in Vietnam as you can within the time you spend within Vietnam.
  • Take a private tour to enjoy the full version of this charming land, and have your tour guide always there for the best! You can get rid of number 03 also with your comfortable private vehicles.


  • Street food is great and you should not miss it, yet make sure things are well cooked. Don’t drink tap water either.
  • Don’t bring too much cash with you. Use your credit cards when you pay for something valuable. A bunch of Cash may drive attention from some sort of people on the street.
  • Never touch someone at the head or point at someone by your finger (or…feet). It is considered as really impolitely with Vietnamese
  • Don’t be so paranoid about your security during your Vietnam vacation. This country is really safe, just only need to pay a little attention to your surrounding for your own good.
  • Do not try to take photographs of military installations or anything to do with the military. This can be considered as a breach of national security.
  • Never lose your temper in public or when bargaining for a purchase. This is considered a serious loss of face for both parties. Always maintain a cool and happy demeanor and you will be reciprocated with the same.
  • Showing off too much love with your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ partner in public as kissing/ physical touching may be perceived inappropriate.
  • And, lastly, don’t try “thuoc lao” (Vietnamese tobacco) if you don’t want to be like this:

Let Us Help You Plan Your Vietnam Trip.
Vietnam is a wonderful country to explore, but watch out for the Dos and Don’ts while you are here too. Tell us your travel ideas and our travel advisors are very glad to give you suggestions and guidance for your trip planning. We can tailor-make your trip according to your interests and requirements, and make your holiday in Vietnam the most enjoyable.