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location_on Sanur – Munduk – Pemuteran – Amed – Jimbaran - Bali
Welcome to Bali! As you step off your flight at Bali’s Denpasar Airport and collect your luggage,
keep an eye out for our friendly team member holding a sign with your name. From there, we’ll
embark on the journey to Sanur, a serene coastal town known for its relaxed atmosphere.
Sanur provides the perfect setting for rest and rejuvenation, with its tranquil surroundings and
a variety of spas. You can also savor the flavors of Balinese cuisine by dining at some of the

famous or traditional restaurants in the area.

Overnight in Sanur.

Arrival at Bali Airport-0
Arrival at Bali Airport-1
On your second day in Sanur, take it easy and allow your family to rest and recover from your
journey and any jet lag. Sanur offers a wonderful beach where your children can have fun and
experience the Balinese way of life. Parents, too, can unwind and recharge before embarking
on the family program.
These days can be an ideal opportunity to leisurely stroll along the beach promenade, enjoy the
soothing waters of the Indian Ocean, or even catch some sun. However, remember that we’re
in the tropics, and the sun can be quite intense, so be sure to apply sunscreen and stay

hydrated to stay comfortable under the sun.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Sanur.

First steps in Bali-0
First steps in Bali-1
In the morning, you’ll leave Sanur and head to Munduk, a small paradise on earth, especially for
nature lovers. This village offers extraordinary mountain views and breathtaking sunsets.
Before hitting the road, you’ll make a stop at the Bali Bird Park, a fantastic family-oriented visit.
Here, you’ll have a unique experience getting up close with birds of paradise, cranes, and giant
In the afternoon, you’ll explore your first Balinese temple, the royal temple Pura Taman Ayun.
Constructed in the 17th century by the royal family of Mengwi, this site is a classic example of
Balinese architecture with its three floating spaces and the wide moat surrounding the


Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Munduk.

Munduk - Bali Bird Park, Pura Taman Ayun-0
Munduk - Bali Bird Park, Pura Taman Ayun-1
Today’s adventure begins with a walk through the stunning rice fields of Jatiluwih, a
landscape so beautiful that it’s being considered for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage
List. Your guide will unveil the secrets of rice, a plant of central importance in both Balinese
cuisine and religion.
After enjoying lunch at a typical restaurant, you’ll proceed to the Butterfly Park, a beautifully
landscaped garden serving as a natural habitat for hundreds of butterflies. Here, you can
discover rare species and learn about the fascinating life cycle of butterflies.
Before heading back to your hotel, you’ll visit Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, a temple dedicated to the
goddess of the lake. This goddess, known as Danu, is the ruler of Bali’s waters and is said to be a
manifestation of the great god Vishnu, the protector of the universe, who allied with the deity

of Mount Agung to make the island fertile.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Mukduk.

Visit Jatiluwih - Butterfly Park and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple-0
Visit Jatiluwih - Butterfly Park and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple-1
After departing from Munduk in the late morning, you’ll head to the hot springs, natural pools
that offer enjoyment for both young and old.
In the early afternoon, you’ll arrive in the village of Pemuteran, an ideal stopover where you can
indulge in the pleasures of the beach, soothing massages, and the beauty of nature. You’ll

spend the night in Pemuteran, enjoying the tranquility of this coastal paradise.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Pemuteran.

Pemuteran - Hot springs of Banjar-0
Pemuteran - Hot springs of Banjar-1
On the following morning, we recommend embarking on a journey aboard a traditional
Balinese boat to explore the Menjangan nature reserve. This adventure will immerse you in the
depths of a preserved ecosystem, where multicolored fish and vibrant corals create a symphony

of colors beneath the crystal-clear waters.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Pemuteran.

Pemuteran - Snorkling in the Menjagan Nature Park-0
Pemuteran - Snorkling in the Menjagan Nature Park-1
Today, you’ll depart from Pemuteran in the late morning, following the scenic road along Bali’s
north coast to reach the charming fishing village of Amed. Along the way, you’ll have the
opportunity to visit Bali’s first Buddhist temple. If you’re up for it, you can also take a short off-

the-beaten-track walk to discover a hidden natural waterfall.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Amed.

Amed - Buddhist temple, natural waterfall-0
Amed - Buddhist temple, natural waterfall-1
The village of Amed is renowned for its exceptional underwater landscapes. You can explore
them easily with just flippers, a mask, and a snorkel, or you can dive into the adventure with
our PADI Five Stars diving center, offering options for first-time divers (baptisms) or recreational
dives. However, Amed has more to offer than its stunning coastline. You can also embark on
inland excursions, like exploring Bangle and the Five Springs, or venturing into remote villages

to witness a traditional cockfight. Enjoy the night in Amed.

Meals included: Breakfast.
Overnight in Amed

Amed - Free day-0
Amed - Free day-1
After a day of relaxation, we embark on another journey to explore the region, starting with
Tirta Gangga, which translates to “holy water of the Ganges” in Balinese. This architectural
masterpiece, constructed in 1948 by the Raja of Karangasem, combines Balinese and Chinese
design elements in a unique way. The water garden spans 1.2 hectares and comprises three
distinct areas. The lower section features two pools and a water tower. On the second level,
you’ll find swimming pools where you can take a refreshing dip. At the highest point of the
complex, the royal residences command a view over the entire area.
Just a short distance from Tirta Gangga, we’ll visit the village of Ujung to explore the former
royal palace of Karangasam. Constructed with Dutch assistance in the 1920s, this palace sits
the water amidst a beautiful park with numerous viewpoints, offering vistas of the
jungle and the nearby sea. You’ll spend the night in Amed.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Amed.
Amed - Tirta Ganga and Ujung palace-0
Amed - Tirta Ganga and Ujung palace-1
Our exploration continues with a visit to the traditional village of Tenganan, one of the oldest
settlements on the island, inhabited by the descendants of Bali’s first inhabitants, the Bali Aga.
While this village has become somewhat touristy, it offers a valuable glimpse into the
organization of ancient Balinese villages, along with their customs and traditions. Here, you’ll
find answers to your questions about Balinese culture.
Indonesians hold various animals in reverence, including monkeys, birds, and bats. Our next
stop is Goa Lawah, the bat cave, which is one of the nine “Kayangan Jagat” directional temples

safeguarding Bali from malevolent spirits. You’ll spend the night in Ubud.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Ubud.

Ubud - Tenganan Village, Goa Lawah-0
Ubud - Tenganan Village, Goa Lawah-1
Rise and shine around 01:30 in the morning for the beginning of a 5-hour round-trip hike to the
summit of Mount Batur, the sacred volcano of the Balinese people, which soars to an altitude
of 1,717 meters. You’ll reach the summit just in time to witness the sunrise.
Mount Batur, which reawakened in 1917, once covered the village of Batur with a river of lava
that halted at the base of its temple, the Pura Ulun Danu Batur. Today, it has become one of
Bali’s must-visit destinations. While its discovery is no longer a secret and many tourists come
to explore it, witnessing the sunrise from its summit (in favorable weather conditions) is a

moment that leaves a lasting impression in your memory.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Ubud.

Ubud - Ascent of Mount Batur-0
Ubud - Ascent of Mount Batur-1

On this day in Ubud, you’ll embark on a Balinese immersion experience. First, head to Batuan to visit a kite-making workshop, a central element in Balinese culture. You’ll learn the secrets of crafting kites and even have the opportunity to build your own. In Bali, kite flying is more than just a childhood pastime; it holds significant cultural importance. Following the kite-making workshop, you’ll visit the Gianyar dance school. Every day, I Couter Ketut welcomes village children to teach them traditional Balinese arts. The girls learn dance, while the boys focus on gamelan. Here, you can witness the meticulous attention to detail in traditional dance, where every movement is precisely codified, from the positioning of each finger to the expressions on the dancers’ faces.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Ubud.

Ubud - Creation of kites and Balinese dance school-0
Ubud - Creation of kites and Balinese dance school-1
This morning, we’ll depart from Ubud and make our way to the southern coast of Bali, a perfect
spot to savor grilled fish on the beach. Our final destination for this journey will be the Pura
Uluwatu, located in the Pecatu area. This temple is believed to have been founded in the 11th
century by Mpu Kuturan, a Javanese priest who played a significant role in Balinese religion.
Pura Uluwatu is renowned not only for its picturesque setting but also for its resident monkeys
and the breathtaking panoramic views that provide a magnificent backdrop for stunning
As the evening unfolds, you’ll have the opportunity to witness a Kecak dance performance. This
traditional Balinese dance is derived from Sanghyang, a form of trance dance, and it
incorporates elements of the famous Ramayana epic. The Kecak dance is unique in that it
doesn’t require musical instruments; instead, it relies on the rhythmic chanting and
vocalizations of the male performers. The dance narrates the timeless love story of Rama and
Sita. After the performance, you’ll spend the night in Jimbaran.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Overnight in Jimbaran.
Today is a day of relaxation and leisure, giving you the opportunity to soak up the sun, indulge
in Balinese massages, or perhaps start preparing your luggage for the journey ahead.
Alternatively, if you’re inclined, you can explore the Jimbaran region, which boasts some of the
most beautiful beaches for surfing. Whether it’s Uluwatu, Padang Pandang, or Kuta, you’ll find

yourself in the heart of legendary surf spots. Enjoy your day as you see fit!

Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Jimbaran.

Jimbaran - Free day-0
Jimbaran - Free day-1
As we reach the final day of your journey, it’s important to remember that while we’ve
experienced so much, there’s always more to explore. We didn’t venture to the Gilis Islands,
encounter the Komodo dragons, meet the last monkeys of Sumatra, or visit the Toraja people.
Yet, we’ve created wonderful memories on this island where smiles are eternal, and there’s still
so much to discover.
Your driver will pick you up and ensure you arrive at the airport in time for your departure
flight. Safe travels, and may your adventures continue to be filled with joy and discovery!
Jimbaran - Departure from Bali-0
Jimbaran - Departure from Bali-1

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