The country stretches from North to South with an area of 341,690 square kilometers. To the North, Vietnam shares its border with the People’s Republic of China, and to the West, it is situated at the borders of Laos and Cambodia. The East Sea extends to the east and south.

Society: Vietnam is a socialist republic. Among its 90 million inhabitants, the Vietnamese make up the majority at 87%, while the remaining population represents 53 ethnic minorities. The predominant religion here is Buddhism, with Catholicism being the second-largest religion.

Economy: Market economy. It’s the second-largest exporter of rice and the third-largest exporter of coffee (Robusta). Other significant exports include tea, oil, rubber, seafood, and textile products.

With its captivating cities to explore, magnificent temples to admire, unique UNESCO World Heritage sites, and vast green countryside to traverse, Vietnam offers a multitude of things to see and do. Known as a diverse country, ranging from the preserved mountainous north with its myriad of ethnic communities to the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh City on the Mekong Delta, it’s challenging to choose just one region to visit when exploring Vietnam.

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Your trip to Vietnam will greatly depend on the time period you choose to go. Although it’s located in the Southeast Asia region, Vietnam possesses a more diverse climate compared to its neighbors. Vietnam’s climate is divided into three distinct regions, and there is even winter in the North. In general, the best time to explore Vietnam is from December to April. For more detailed information about the weather in different regions, refer to the article “Best Time to Visit Vietnam.”

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Center of Vietnam22°C 101mm22°C 31mm24°C 12mm27°C 18mm29°C 47mm30°C 42mm30°C 99mm28°C 117mm26°C 447mm24°C 530mm22°C 221mm21°C 208mm
South of Vietnam27°C 15mm28°C 4mm29°C 13mm30°C 42mm29°C 221mm29°C 331mm29°C 314mm28°C 268mm27°C 334mm27°C 268mm27°C 114mm27°C 56mm

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