Northern Provinces In Vietnam That You Need To Visit In Late Autumn

The names of northern provinces of Vietnam are well-known on the map for any travelers coming to the country as a destination with breathtakingly grandeur landscapes. They are also where tourists can observe and experience the rich cultures of the local ethnic minorities. But when autumn comes, the region will put on a different appearance – a dreamy colorful blanket of tiny flowers.

The most beautiful northern Vietnam destinations to come in autumn are Ha Giang and Moc Chau.

Ha Giang

Ha Gaing buckwheat flower season

The region is the awe-spiring in late October and early November when buckwheat flowers (or Tam Giac Mach in Vietnamese) are in bloom. The flowers in white, light pink, purple and dark red colours turn the valleys into an astounding watercolor painting amid the towering mountains.

The buckwheat flowers are grown by locals after every rice harvest. The local tribes used to live mainly on rice and corn until one day their food ran out and people had to wander the mountains in search of food. Then suddenly they found the white-pink flowers with a pleasant scent, whose nuts tasted similar to rice and corn. So they brought the strange flowers and the seeds home, and since then this beautiful flower has become an essential part of their life.

While many travelers are charmed by the striking view of the golden rice terraces in Ha Giang, the others are in love with its endless meadows of the wild pink/purple flowers on the mountain slopes. So if you have had the chance to witness the magnificent beauty of northern Vietnam in golden, come again when the buckwheat flowers are blooming for a new experience!

Moc Chau

Moc Chau mustard flower season

Just about 2-3 hours driving from Hanoi, you’ll reach Moc Chau, which offers great greenery and is local’s favorite weekend getaway.

Throughout the end of October and the start of November, the lovely white mustard flowers in Moc Chau are in bloom.

The mountains are covered in green and white, and the whole valley look like it is welcoming the spongy white clouds casting above the endless fields. And in the air is the scent of sweet floral fragrance mixed with the fresh cool mist. The flowers will last for 2-3 weeks so you’ll need to plan beforehand to catch the white mustard when they are most beautiful.

You’ll also enjoy the peaceful sight of small houses amidst the immersive white flower fields and the local kids playing on the small paths rounding the flower meadows. The picturesque view will make you feel mesmerized and want to take a longer look at it, or maybe sit down and admire the tranquil atmosphere.

Some of the best places to enjoy the white mustard flower season of Moc Chau are the villages of Ba Phach, Thong Cuong and Pipe Hill in Ang Village. A trip to Moc Chau and visiting the local villages will make a wonderful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city!

The land of Moc Chau is an attractive destination not only for its breathtaking flower fields but it is also where you can walk along green tea hills, covering hundreds of hectares. The morning mist on the tea leaves makes the lush hills seem like they are glowing with tiny crystal stones in the sunlight. So don’t miss out on these astonishing pictures when you are in the north of Vietnam.

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